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Kingfisher Airlines Refunds amount

1) Mr. Rakesh Gupta (022-26366741) of Mumbai booked 2 return tickets to Mangalore. Due to heavy rains the consumer could not reach the airport in time and therefore called the airlines who suggested that they should pay Rs. 2000 and reschedule their tickets for other flight, which they did. Later they discovered that the previous flight was delayed by 4 hours, which was not informed to the consumer. He could have easily reached the airport to catch the delayed flight. The consumer got full refund on 11-10-2006 after receiving notice from ICRPC.


NOKIA: Replaces handset

2) Gaurav Singh (9810085823) received a replacement handset against defective handset on 28-11-2006 against ICRPC notice dated 17-11-2006 to the MD.

Kenya Star Tea: Refunds deposit

3) Gopalan Sitaraman Iyer received his full deposit amount after ICRPC issued a notice to the company.


Air Deccan - Refunds amount

4) Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Sayeed (0502895298) received full refund from the company after we issued a notice to the company on 14-10-2006.


Idea Cellular Limited: Refunds amount

5) Mr. Lokesh Diwan (9810240360) has received refund on 13-11-2006 against our e-mailed request to the company.


Whirlpool of india Ltd.: Replaces refrigerator

6) Prashant Barooah (9811614073) of New Delhi received full refund from Whirlpool against defective refrigerator on 20-11-2006 when ICRPC sent a notice to the company


Citibank - Returns unused PDC cheques after closong loan account

7) Mr. M. L. Kantharia's loan account was not being closed by Citibank. ICRPC helped him to get the account closed on 17-11-2006, and get back his unused PDCs.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model N-70

8) Mr. Gaurav Singh (9810085823) has received a new handset against his defective handset model N-70 on 28-11-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6270

9) Mr. Lalit Nene (022-28831114) of Mumbai received new handset against defective handset model 6270 on 29-11-2006 when ICRPC sent a notice to the company.


Kenya Star Tea - Refunds full amount with interest

10) Mr. Subramaniam Sunilkumar received full refund from Kenya Star Tea on 30-11-2006, when ICRPC sternly wrote to the company head.


Air India: Refunds air ticket amount

11) Mr. Rajesh Panchal of Ahmedabad received full refund of his air ticket on 1-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  

Indiatimes shopping: Delivers washing machine

12) Mr. Vinu Shankar received placed order number: 200256825 for IFB 5Kg Front Loading a Fully Automatic Washing Machine but the shopping site was not delivering the machine. The consumer received the machine on 2-12-2006 when ICRPC intervened.  


Kenya Star Tea - Refunds full amount with interest

13) Mr. Rajesh Garg (9988148795) was cheated by this company of his hard earned money. ICRPC wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Cochin and the consumer immediately received full refund from Kenya Star Tea on 2-12-2006.


ICICI Lombard General Insurance: Gave policy after denial

14) Dr. Narendra Pancholi of Gaziabad (9911188358) applied for insurance policy with  ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. The company deducted Rs. 25,402 from consumer's account and said that they cannot give policy to him as he is a doctor ! When ICRPC asked if the company has lost its senses, the consumer immediately got his policy on 14-12-2006.


Air Deccan - Refunds full amount

15) Mr. Rishi Ranjan (9891065364) of New Delhi received full refund from Air Deccan Airlines on 18-12-2006, when ICRPC took up the issue with the company head.


Birla Trans Asia Carpets: Refunds Provident Fund principal amount

16) Mr. Anil Mahale received full refund of his PF contribution amount on 26-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6708

17) Mr. Raj Pradhan (0130-2366558) had given his handset three times to HCL Nokia Care but the handset still had defects. Nokia was not responding properly to his requests.  The consumer received a new handset against his defective handset model 6708 on 30-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote strongly to the company head.  


NIIT: Refiunds course fees for GNIIT and pays compensation

18) Mr. Sanjeev Chaudhary ( 9880140733) of Bangalore paid 19,500 for GNIIT course. The classes were not held properly and the institute was not refunding the money. ICRPC helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court where the consumer got relief of full refund on 4-1-2007 with compensation of Rs. 10,000 against mental agony and Rs. 5000 as legal costs.  


Indiaplaza shopping - Refunds full amount + compensation

19) Mr. Parshottam Rathal (9812013042) of Rewari had placed an order for Rakhi and sweets to be delivered to USA. The order was neither delivered nor the money refunded. The consumer received full refund with compensation of Rs. 1000 on 13-1-2007 from the company, on ICRPC's request.


Compact International: Refunds amount against defective Nokia handset

20) Mr. Advait Anaspure (25861927) of Mumbai had bought Nokia handset model 8125 for Rs. 19,194 and octroi Rs. 966. The handset was defective and the company was not responding. ICRPC took up the matter with higher authorities and the consumer received full refund on 13-1-2007.  


Premium Panchal Chairs and Furniture: Delivers wardrobe

21) Mr. Raja Bandyopadhyay ( 9324569326) placed an order for wardrobe, which was not delivered as scheduled. ICRPC sent a notice to the shop, and the consumer received the wardrobe the next day on 14-1-2007.


TATA AIG Insurance - Refunds full amount 

22) Mr. Chetan V. Hansrajani of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820332313)  paid Rs. 2927 as premium for Maharaksha Plan for mediclaim policy. The company neither delivered the policy nor refunded the money. The consumer received full refund on 16-1-2007 from the company, on ICRPC's request.


Oceanic Builders, Andheri (West): Lost case in consumer court

23) Mr. Rajesh Sukhatankar (25861927) of Mumbai had bought a flat in a building constructed by Mr. Amir Alo Tharani of Oceanic Builders. The builder gave the flat to another person. ICRPC sent a notice to the builder. Receiving no response, ICRPC helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court. The court ordered the builder to deliver peaceful possession of the flat with compensation of Rs. 20,000.


Highland Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds money

24) Mrs. & Mr. Vishwajitsinh H Gohil of Bangalore (9900120023) of Mumbai had applied for membership of Highland Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd. and paid Rs. 33,000 through credit card with an assurance from there will be rental facility enabling the consumers to get Rs. 1500 per day on holidays rented. This turned out to be a fake promise. ICRPC sent a notice to the company and asked for immediate settlement. The consumers received full amount on 9-2-2007.


ICICI Prulife: Issues insurance policy

25) Ms. Savitha Nayak had bought insurance policy from ICICI Prulife. The company did not gie the polivcy despite taking all the payments. The company did not respond to the consumers letters and e-mails. ICRPC wrote to the company head and the consumer got the policy on 25-2-2007.


Macmillan India Limited - Exchanged the books 

26) Mr. Angshuman Haldar (09836096648) had ordered for some books. The company delivered different books than what were orderd and was not responding to consumer's complaint.On ICRPC's request the company exchanged the books.


HDFC Bank - Refunds full amount

27) Mr. Mohit Soral of Dubai (Tel. No. 0097143593716) got approval number 523002929 for loan of Rs. 9,15,000 for a property costing Rs. 1,00,000=00 at Jaipur. The consumer paid Rs. 1,50,000 to the builder s booking and cash premium of Rs. 4,85,000.  Processing fee of Rs. 6050 was also debited from the consumer's NRE account.  On 19-1-07, HDFC informed the consumer's mother in Jaipur that the loan will not be given.  The consumer lost Rs. 1,50,000 paid advance to builder, 4,85,000 paid as cash premium, and 6,050 processing fee. ICRPC sent a notice to the HDFC Chairman and the consumer received refund of the processing fee.


Adept Technology Pvt Ltd: Refunds course fee

28) Mr. V R Kannan joined ETIL course with Adept Technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai. As the classes did not start as scheduled the consumer asked for refund. The institute was not ready to give full refund. ICRPC sent a notice to the institute and the consumer received full refund on 2-4-2007.


Golden Gate Properties Ltd: Refunds Provident Fund principal amount

29) Mrs. Archana Naik and Mr. Ravindra Naik of Bangalore (9845902146) complained to ICRPC that the parking area belonging to them through registered agreement, has been sold to someone else and the builder was not responding to their complaints. ICRPC wrote stern letter of taking severe action, and the builder immediately gave the peaceful possession of the parking to the consumer on 12-4-2007. 


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6708

30) Mr. Amit Jain was sold a defective handset, which was not being replaced by NOKIA. The consumer received a new handset against his defective handset from Green Park Center, New Delhi on 17-4-2007.


ICICI Bank - Refunds full amount with interest

31) Mrs. Ruchira Tripathi of Mumbai (9892024706) applied for opening a joint savings account on 7-2-2007 in ICICI Backbay Reclamation Branch, Churchgate.and deposited Rs. 52,000=00. The bank did not activate the account for many months, did not refund the money back, and did not even respond to consumers letters. When ICRPC served a notice upon the Chairman of ICICI Bank, Ms Anuradha Sharma of ICICI Bank and two colleagues personally visited the consumer on 16-4-2007 and paid refund of Rs 5200 to the consumer along with compensation of Rs 1050 as token compensation for the incidental expenses and FDR interest @ 4.5% for 69 days.

Shell Gas (LPG) India Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds against defective cylinder

32) Mr. Srinivas from Mumbai (Tel. No. 24946680 / 9322842831) The consumer booked for refill on 7-9-2005 at Pure Gas Shop No. 81 at Shivam Complex, Sector 19, Vashi. The cylinder was delivered with a defective washer due to which there was substantial leakage of gas. The company was not ready to replace the cylinder as most of its contents had emptied. ICRPC issued a notice to te company and te company refunded the full amount with compensation for mental agony.


UCO Bank Limited: Refunds FD maturity amount

33) Miss. Nisha Mangal of New Delhi requested the bank for premature payment of her Fixed Deposit on 28.03.2007, but the bank did not credit her account with the reason that no records were available in the bank's new systems, and they have no time to see through their old system.  When ICRPC wrote a stern letter the bank credited the complainant's savings account with the proceeds of the FDR on 19-4-2007.


Cognizant Technologies: Transfers PF as required

34) Mr. Anil Khalsa joined Wipro Technologies, Bangalore and wanted his PF to be transferred to his present company from his old employer, the Cognizent Technology. The old employer was not responding till ICRPV wrote to them and immediately the PF was transferred on 25-4-2007.


Lufthansa German Airlines - Refunds due miles

35) Mr. Jatin Madan of New Delhi (9971463473) had accumulated 90,000 miles on Lufthansa German Airlines and was qualified for 3 tickets to Dubai. When he applied for cancellation of these tickets, he received only 30,000 miles while the rest of the 60,000 miles were pocketed by the airlines. ICRPC sent a legal notice to Lufthansa German Airlines and the grievance got settled on 6-5-2007.


ABN Amro Bank - Refunds late fee charges

36) Mr. Suresh Chaudhary of Faridabad (9871988884) has account in ABN Amro Bank (India). The bank did not send account statement for month of October 2006 for the consumer's credit card no. 5415 3823 2102 9936. The bank's staff had collected Rs. 1000 on 11-11-2006 and Rs. 335 in Feb 2007. The bank sent GOONDAS to threatened the consumer and manhandle his wife. ICRPC sent a stern legal notice to the Chairman of ABN Amro Bank (India) questioning him about his goondagiri and rapist attitude. On 7-5-2007 the bank waived off the late fee charges and the consumer was given proper statement of accounts which he duly paid and the matter was settled.


Airtel - Bharati Cellular Limited: Reactivates connection

37) Mr. Sandeep Bhandari (9928280000) of Jaipur had Airtel number that was barred on 29-4-2007 without any reason. Even after  250 hours his connection was not started when he contacted ICRPC. The connection was activated on 11-5-2007 soon after ICRPC sent a letter to the company.

MakeMy Trip India Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds excess amount

38) Mr. Srikanth Turlapati of Bangalore (9980540057) had booked air ticket through MakeMy Trip India Pvt. Ltd. for Rs. 4,700=00 but the company deducted Rs. 5,500=00 from the credit card account of the consumer and was not responding. ICRPC sent a notice to the company and the excess amount was immediately refunded to the consumer on 20-5-2007.

Carrier Aircon Ltd.: Delivers the missing remote control

39) Mr. Manoj Kumar Tudu of Howrah (033-26541412) had bought an air conditioner. There was no remote control in the box. The dealer and the company were not providing him the remote hence the unit was useless. ICRPC sent a legal notice to the company and the dealer Capital Electronics sent a remote  to the consumer on 2-6-2007.


BSNL: Shifts the telephone after 7 months

40) Mr.Venkata Krishna Prasad of Bangalore (9980160245) applied for shifting the broadband services locally at Kundanahalli on 4-12-2006 but the company did not do the needful. The consumer contacted ICRPC for help after six months of waiting. The connection was transferred on 4-6-2007, within a day of sending notice by ICRPC.


Reliance Infocomm Ltd.- Refunds full amount

41) Mr. Sudarshan Srinivas of Navi Mumbai (Tel. No. 32402429) bought a connection and Nokia cell phone from Reliance Infocomm Ltd. The cell phone was defective and the company shed off their responsibility of getting it repaired. Nokia service center told the consumer that the handset sold by Reliance was out of warranty (despite the warranty term was not over). The consumer got frustrated making rounds of these two companies and complained to ICRPC. When ICRPC sent a stern letter to Chairman of Reliance Infocomm Ltd.; the handset was immediately repaired and all interim charges were also waived off.


TATA-AIG Insurance - Refunds late fee charges

42) Mr. Mohan Raj V received accident policy no MRP 25000009734 instead of mediclaim policy. When he discovered that the policy given is wrong, he asked TAYA-AIG to cancel the same and refund his amount. The company was not responding for seven months till the consumer complained to ICRPC. The defective policy was cancelled and money was refunded to the consumer on  15-5-2007.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model N-3250

43) Mr. Deven Ture (9819466167) was sold a defective handset, which was not being replaced by NOKIA. The handset was repaired by HCL center and still had same problems. The consumer was even asked to buy a new battery for the new set. On intervention of ICRPC, new handset was given to the consumer on 26-5-2007.  


Media Assist India Insurance - Pays the balance mediclaim

44) Md. Shahid Ansari of Bangalore (9901166331) filed mediclaim no. 1039383 for Rs. 22,793=00 but the company did some blunder and was avoiding to pay in full to the consumer. Rs.13,293 had been settled under Claim Number 1039383 but balance amount was not given. In response to ICRPC notice to the company, a new new claim No.1128724 was generated, and the balance amount Rs.6,707/- is was paid to the consumer on 5-7-2007.


TATA-AIG Insurance - Refunds amount

45) Mr. Deepak R Deshpande of Bangalore (9886533378) had subscribed to health insurance policy for three members of his family on 26-7-2006 for Rs. 4446 but he received only one policy for himself. The company failed to send the other two policies. The company was not responding, hence, the consumer complained to ICRPC. Full amount was refunded to the consumer on  5-7-2007 in response to ICRPC notice.


HP Limited: Delivers the FREE TV tuner card

46) Mr. Indrajit Bh agat (9898333570) purchased a HP Laptop Model No: DV2122tu having offer of free TV tuner card. As required in the offer, the consumer sent a DD of Rs. 500 to HP Redemption Cell, but the company did not send the TV tuner card. On intervention of ICRPC, the TV tuner card was dispatched on 25-7-2007 through Blue Dart courier consignment no. 11649085383.  


Rediff Shopping: Redelivers flowers

47) Mr. Abhishek Agrawal (9900829000) of Bangalore placed order no 4008042 with through Rediff Shopping for delivery of roses and a teddy bear. But some other flowers without fragrance were delivered. ICRPC sent a mail to the company and fresh flowers were re-delivered. 


NOKIA Limited: Repairs and delivers handset

48) Mr. Ashish Yadav (9999119678) gave his one month old NOKIA handset for repairs, but the company kept on delaying the date of delivery of repaired handset. In response to e-mail by ICRPC, a new handset was delivered on 14-8-2007.


Building Contractor: Refunds full amount with fear of arrest

49) Ms. Fiona ( received order from Consumer Court, Thane against the building Contractor to complete the unfinished work in her flat at Brindavan Society, Thane within 1.5 months from the date of passing the order, and on failing to do so, he should pay the consumer the sum of Rs. 55,000. The first arrest warrant was sent to the police station on 4-6- 2007, when police did not do anything, second arrest warrant was issued but not sent by the Registrar and his assistants from Thane Consumer Forum. When the assistant was asked on 20-7-07 (date of hearing), she had no reply for the same. Also the judge tried to cover the matter saying that staff was not sufficient and made another arrest warrant to be sent. When the Registrar was asked why they had not sent, he gave some lame excuses to consumer. When the consumer showed her helplessness to ICRPC, and complained the corrupt practices in Thane Consumer Court, ICRPC spoke to higher authorities, and on 24-7-2007 ICRPC informed the consumer of further steps to take. the consumer received Rs. 55,000 on 14-8-2007. 


AIRTEL (Bharti Cellular Limited): Pays Rs. 5000 + free flight tickets

50) Mr. Niren Thomas of Bangalore (080-25470209) deposited Rs. 300 as security deposit, and paid Rs. 100 or the SIM card on 1-1-2006 as per terms under Free Flight Offer of Airtel.  The company purposely did not give the application form for free flight offer to the complainant in order to avoid giving the free offer. The consumer filed a complaint with ICRPC who immediately sent a notice to the company. The company did not respond to the notice, therefore ICRPC further helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court. On 7-9-2007 the consumer received an order from Consumer Court against Airtel asking them to pay Rs. 5000 + refund of security deposit + delivering free flight tickets.



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