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Few interesting grievances solved by ICRPC

Telephone numbers of consumers are given to prove that the listings are all genuine and not fabricated. Some of the telephone numbers may have changed. The list is just an example, we cannot list all the many thousands of issues that were settled through ICRPC..


Godrej Refrigerator: Replacement of defective unit

1) Mrs. C. Almeida (Cell: 9757148891) of Thane (West) received a new Godrej refrigerator from the company within a month through our action. She approached us after she got fed up when nothing happened even after following-up the matter with the company for three years. refunds full amount of Rs. 2129

2) Mrs. Chitra Vittal of Bangalore (Tel: 9731563301) of Bangalore received a crumbled cake, bad in taste, accompanied with cheap quality greeting card cheap quality wine after a delay of two days as against her order based on the rosy photos and promises on their website. She approached us when the company did not respond to her complaint. When we sent notice to the company first the company started blaming the consumer that she is telling lies but we soon caught the seller on wrong foot as he himself was lying that he did not receive the complaint from consumer. But soon the seller realized that he will be in lot of problems if the matter goes to the court. He refunded the consumer’s full amount. refunds full amount against cancelled Kingfisher tickets

3) Ms. Manju Kalita of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9594594919)  received her full amount back on 12-3-2103 after ICRPC issued a legal notice to / Kingfisher airlines. The consumer had complained that her Kingfisher flight no IT-337 dated 12-11-2012 from Mumbai to Guwahati and return flight no IT-356 dated 20-11-2012 was cancelled without any reason and the airlines and were not refunding the amount even after many complaints by the consumer.  

MakeMyTrip: Refunds the cost of Rs 25,000 incurred for making new passports in lieu of thise lost by them

4) Mr. Janardanan Madathil of Mumbai ( Cell: 9004242265)  had given the passport of his wife and self to Make My Trip for stamping Schangean visa after UK Visa by tour operator for the grand Europe tour. The passports were lost by Make My Trip in April 2012. This resulted in police complaint and obtaining new passport incurring cost of Rs. 25000 by the consumer. Make My Trip refused to reimburse this expenditure and also did not compensate the consumers for their inability to enjoy their holiday as they could not travel in the absence of passport. ICRPC sent a notice to Make My Trip and the consumer received the reimbursement of Rs 25,000 as expenses incurred in making new passports.

Citibank: refunds Euro 690 that were fraudulently withdrawn from credit card account

5) Mr. Deepak Perazhi of Bangalore (Tel. no. 9880566089) got full refund of his Euro 690 which were withdrawn by fraudulent means from his Citibank credit card account on 13-3-2013 when we sent a notice to Citibank challenging their insecure credit card transaction environment.

 Naaptol: Refunds Rs 4298 agsinst undelivered product

6) Dr. M.Thirunavoukkarasu of Bhubaneswar (Tel: 91674 2581635) complained to us that online shopping portal- Naaptol is not refunding his amount that he paid for undelivered product. ICRPC forwarded his email to naaptol and his Rs. 4298.00 was refunded on 14-5-2013.

Perfect Riders, Bangalore: Refunds amount against defective repairs of Yamaha bike.

7) Mr. Manohar Babu of Bangalore (Tel: 9880502244) had given his motorbike for servicing with Perfect Riders, Lalbaug branch, Bangalore. Brake shoe was replaced during this service against invoice no 4296 dated 12-1-2013. After replacement the brakes wee shuddering and the speedometer was not working along with other issues. They were not able to repair the defect when the consumer again handed over his bike on 12-1-2013, but developed more defects. Finally the bike was given to another branch at Jayanagar who revealed that the Lalbaug branch has fitted brake shoe of Yamaha RX100 model instead of Frazer model. The previous dealer was not refunding the amount to the consumer for his defective and careless work till ICRPC issued a notice to him. The amount was then refunded to the consumer on 25-4-2013.

Aurinko Academy, Bangalore: Refunds the fee as the student did not join that school.

8) Mr. Rohitesh Sharma of Bangalore (9663422557)  complained that he had paid Rs 55,090 on 25-5-2011 as fee for first quarter for his son Anvit studies in Aurinko Academy, Kudlu, Bangalore. His son Anvit did not attend any class because he got admission elsewhere. The school was not ready to refund the amount back to the consumer. When ICRPC sent a notice to the school, the consumer got the full refund on 15-4-2013.

Tata Indicomm: Refunds and pays compensation for defective activation of plan

9) Mr. Nilay Shah of Ahmedabad (Tel. No. 9029191527) applied to Tata Indicomm for plan change on 10-8-2012 and it was decided that the Advance Rental Plan would be activated on 9-9-2012. But Tata Indicomm activated the plan on 11-8-2012 instead of 9-9-2012. without any information or permission from the consumer, and collected Rs 1067 and were not refunding the amount. The company immediately paid refund and compensation amount of Rs. 7640 to the consumer on 18-3-2013.

Next Electronics: Takes back defective tablet and refunds full amount

10) Mr. Sunil Choudhary of Uttrakhand (Tel: 9897736797) received a defective tablet for Rs 6,999 sold by Next Customer Care against order no 100006723 dated 27-10-2012. When the company was not refunding the amount the consumer contacted us. ICRPC sent a notice and the full amount with compensation was refunded to the consumer 23-3-2013. 

DHL Cargo Packers, New Delhi: Pays for repairs of damaged car

11) Mr. Rakesh Mahajan of Vadodara (Tel: 9998010235) complained that DHL Cargo Packers , Sood Building, Flat No 6, 3rd floor, Tel Mill Marg, Ram Nagar, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055 had damaged his car while being transported from Gurgaon to Baroda vide CN no. 013 dated 15-6-2012. The transporter was not ready to pay for the cost of repairing the damaged car. ICRPC sent a notice dated 9-12-2012 and the transporter immediately refunded the amount of Rs 60,000, which was the cost incurred in repairing the defect in the consumer’s car.

Axis Bank: Refunds Rs 44,860 for faulty booking of tickets

12) Mr. Vishakha Parashar of Kolkata (Tel. No. 9748405489) tried to book a ticket through Axis bank website. Rs 44,860 was deducted but the ticket was not booked. The bank was not refunding the amount to the consumer despite many complaints. The consumer got his full amount refunded back when ICRPC sent a legal notice to Axis bank.

Spicejet Airlines: Refunds Rs 37,316 against cancelled tickets

13) Mr. Rajiv Jindal (Cell: 981003505) received the refund of Rs. 37316.00 on 17th May’2013 when the Spicejet airlines cancelled his return ticket without any notice or approval from him, and was not refunding the amount back. Our intervention got his money refunded.


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