Few interesting grievances solved by ICRPC

Telephone numbers of consumers are given to prove that the listings are all genuine and not fabricated. Some of the telephone numbers may have changed. The list is just an example, we cannot list all the many thousands of issues that were settled through ICRPC..


Godrej Refrigerator: Replacement of defective unit

1) Mrs. C. Almeida (Cell: 9757148891) of Thane (West) received a new Godrej refrigerator from the company within a month through our action. She approached us after she got fed up when nothing happened even after following-up the matter with the company for three years.

Flowersncakestoindia.com: refunds full amount of Rs. 2129

2) Mrs. Chitra Vittal of Bangalore (Tel: 9731563301) of Bangalore received a crumbled cake, bad in taste, accompanied with cheap quality greeting card cheap quality wine after a delay of two days as against her order based on the rosy photos and promises on their website. She approached us when the company did not respond to her complaint. When we sent notice to the company first the company started blaming the consumer that she is telling lies but we soon caught the seller on wrong foot as he himself was lying that he did not receive the complaint from consumer. But soon the seller realized that he will be in lot of problems if the matter goes to the court. He refunded the consumer’s full amount.

Yatra.com: refunds full amount against cancelled Kingfisher tickets

3) Ms. Manju Kalita of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9594594919)  received her full amount back on 12-3-2103 after ICRPC issued a legal notice to Yatra.com / Kingfisher airlines. The consumer had complained that her Kingfisher flight no IT-337 dated 12-11-2012 from Mumbai to Guwahati and return flight no IT-356 dated 20-11-2012 was cancelled without any reason and the airlines and yatra.com were not refunding the amount even after many complaints by the consumer.  

MakeMyTrip: Refunds the cost of Rs 25,000 incurred for making new passports in lieu of thise lost by them

4) Mr. Janardanan Madathil of Mumbai ( Cell: 9004242265)  had given the passport of his wife and self to Make My Trip for stamping Schangean visa after UK Visa by tour operator for the grand Europe tour. The passports were lost by Make My Trip in April 2012. This resulted in police complaint and obtaining new passport incurring cost of Rs. 25000 by the consumer. Make My Trip refused to reimburse this expenditure and also did not compensate the consumers for their inability to enjoy their holiday as they could not travel in the absence of passport. ICRPC sent a notice to Make My Trip and the consumer received the reimbursement of Rs 25,000 as expenses incurred in making new passports.

Citibank: refunds Euro 690 that were fraudulently withdrawn from credit card account

5) Mr. Deepak Perazhi of Bangalore (Tel. no. 9880566089) got full refund of his Euro 690 which were withdrawn by fraudulent means from his Citibank credit card account on 13-3-2013 when we sent a notice to Citibank challenging their insecure credit card transaction environment.

 Naaptol: Refunds Rs 4298 agsinst undelivered product

6) Dr. M.Thirunavoukkarasu of Bhubaneswar (Tel: 91674 2581635) complained to us that online shopping portal- Naaptol is not refunding his amount that he paid for undelivered product. ICRPC forwarded his email to naaptol and his Rs. 4298.00 was refunded on 14-5-2013.

Perfect Riders, Bangalore: Refunds amount against defective repairs of Yamaha bike.

7) Mr. Manohar Babu of Bangalore (Tel: 9880502244) had given his motorbike for servicing with Perfect Riders, Lalbaug branch, Bangalore. Brake shoe was replaced during this service against invoice no 4296 dated 12-1-2013. After replacement the brakes wee shuddering and the speedometer was not working along with other issues. They were not able to repair the defect when the consumer again handed over his bike on 12-1-2013, but developed more defects. Finally the bike was given to another branch at Jayanagar who revealed that the Lalbaug branch has fitted brake shoe of Yamaha RX100 model instead of Frazer model. The previous dealer was not refunding the amount to the consumer for his defective and careless work till ICRPC issued a notice to him. The amount was then refunded to the consumer on 25-4-2013.

Aurinko Academy, Bangalore: Refunds the fee as the student did not join that school.

8) Mr. Rohitesh Sharma of Bangalore (9663422557)  complained that he had paid Rs 55,090 on 25-5-2011 as fee for first quarter for his son Anvit studies in Aurinko Academy, Kudlu, Bangalore. His son Anvit did not attend any class because he got admission elsewhere. The school was not ready to refund the amount back to the consumer. When ICRPC sent a notice to the school, the consumer got the full refund on 15-4-2013.

Tata Indicomm: Refunds and pays compensation for defective activation of plan

9) Mr. Nilay Shah of Ahmedabad (Tel. No. 9029191527) applied to Tata Indicomm for plan change on 10-8-2012 and it was decided that the Advance Rental Plan would be activated on 9-9-2012. But Tata Indicomm activated the plan on 11-8-2012 instead of 9-9-2012. without any information or permission from the consumer, and collected Rs 1067 and were not refunding the amount. The company immediately paid refund and compensation amount of Rs. 7640 to the consumer on 18-3-2013.

Next Electronics: Takes back defective tablet and refunds full amount

10) Mr. Sunil Choudhary of Uttrakhand (Tel: 9897736797) received a defective tablet for Rs 6,999 sold by Next Customer Care against order no 100006723 dated 27-10-2012. When the company was not refunding the amount the consumer contacted us. ICRPC sent a notice and the full amount with compensation was refunded to the consumer 23-3-2013. 

DHL Cargo Packers, New Delhi: Pays for repairs of damaged car

11) Mr. Rakesh Mahajan of Vadodara (Tel: 9998010235) complained that DHL Cargo Packers , Sood Building, Flat No 6, 3rd floor, Tel Mill Marg, Ram Nagar, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055 had damaged his car while being transported from Gurgaon to Baroda vide CN no. 013 dated 15-6-2012. The transporter was not ready to pay for the cost of repairing the damaged car. ICRPC sent a notice dated 9-12-2012 and the transporter immediately refunded the amount of Rs 60,000, which was the cost incurred in repairing the defect in the consumer’s car.

Axis Bank: Refunds Rs 44,860 for faulty booking of tickets

12) Mr. Vishakha Parashar of Kolkata (Tel. No. 9748405489) tried to book a ticket through Axis bank website. Rs 44,860 was deducted but the ticket was not booked. The bank was not refunding the amount to the consumer despite many complaints. The consumer got his full amount refunded back when ICRPC sent a legal notice to Axis bank.

Spicejet Airlines: Refunds Rs 37,316 against cancelled tickets

13) Mr. Rajiv Jindal (Cell: 981003505) received the refund of Rs. 37316.00 on 17thMay’2013 when the Spicejet airlines cancelled his return ticket without any notice or approval from him, and was not refunding the amount back. Our intervention got his money refunded.

Kingfisher Airlines Refunds amount

14) Mr. Rakesh Gupta (022-26366741) of Mumbai booked 2 return tickets to Mangalore. Due to heavy rains the consumer could not reach the airport in time and therefore called the airlines who suggested that they should pay Rs. 2000 and reschedule their tickets for other flight, which they did. Later they discovered that the previous flight was delayed by 4 hours, which was not informed to the consumer. He could have easily reached the airport to catch the delayed flight. The consumer got full refund on 11-10-2006 after receiving notice from ICRPC.


NOKIA: Replaces handset

15) Gaurav Singh (9810085823) received a replacement handset against defective handset on 28-11-2006 against ICRPC notice dated 17-11-2006 to the MD.

Kenya Star Tea: Refunds deposit

16) Gopalan Sitaraman Iyer received his full deposit amount after ICRPC issued a notice to the company.


Air Deccan – Refunds amount

17) Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Sayeed (0502895298) received full refund from the company after we issued a notice to the company on 14-10-2006.


Idea Cellular Limited: Refunds amount

18) Mr. Lokesh Diwan (9810240360) has received refund on 13-11-2006 against our e-mailed request to the company.


Whirlpool of india Ltd.: Replaces refrigerator

19) Prashant Barooah (9811614073) of New Delhi received full refund from Whirlpool against defective refrigerator on 20-11-2006 when ICRPC sent a notice to the company


Citibank  Returns unused PDC cheques after closong loan account

20) Mr. M. L. Kantharia’s loan account was not being closed by Citibank. ICRPC helped him to get the account closed on 17-11-2006, and get back his unused PDCs.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model N-70

21) Mr. Gaurav Singh (9810085823) has received a new handset against his defective handset model N-70 on 28-11-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6270

22) Mr. Lalit Nene (022-28831114) of Mumbai received new handset against defective handset model 6270 on 29-11-2006 when ICRPC sent a notice to the company.


Kenya Star Tea – Refunds full amount with interest

23) Mr. Subramaniam Sunilkumar received full refund from Kenya Star Tea on 30-11-2006, when ICRPC sternly wrote to the company head.


Air India: Refunds air ticket amount

24) Mr. Rajesh Panchal of Ahmedabad received full refund of his air ticket on 1-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  

Indiatimes shopping: Delivers washing machine

25) Mr. Vinu Shankar received placed order number: 200256825 for IFB 5Kg Front Loading a Fully Automatic Washing Machine but the shopping site was not delivering the machine. The consumer received the machine on 2-12-2006 when ICRPC intervened.  


Kenya Star Tea – Refunds full amount with interest

26) Mr. Rajesh Garg (9988148795) was cheated by this company of his hard earned money. ICRPC wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Cochin and the consumer immediately received full refund from Kenya Star Tea on 2-12-2006.


ICICI Lombard General Insurance: Gave policy after denial

27) Dr. Narendra Pancholi of Gaziabad (9911188358) applied for insurance policy with  ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. The company deducted Rs. 25,402 from consumer’s account and said that they cannot give policy to him as he is a doctor ! When ICRPC asked if the company has lost its senses, the consumer immediately got his policy on 14-12-2006.


Air Deccan – Refunds full amount

28) Mr. Rishi Ranjan (9891065364) of New Delhi received full refund from Air Deccan Airlines on 18-12-2006, when ICRPC took up the issue with the company head.


Birla Trans Asia Carpets: Refunds Provident Fund principal amount

29) Mr. Anil Mahale received full refund of his PF contribution amount on 26-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6708

30) Mr. Raj Pradhan (0130-2366558) had given his handset three times to HCL Nokia Care but the handset still had defects. Nokia was not responding properly to his requests.  The consumer received a new handset against his defective handset model 6708 on 30-12-2006 when ICRPC wrote strongly to the company head.  


NIIT: Refiunds course fees for GNIIT and pays compensation

31) Mr. Sanjeev Chaudhary ( 9880140733) of Bangalore paid 19,500 for GNIIT course. The classes were not held properly and the institute was not refunding the money. ICRPC helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court where the consumer got relief of full refund on 4-1-2007 with compensation of Rs. 10,000 against mental agony and Rs. 5000 as legal costs.  


Indiaplaza shopping – Refunds full amount + compensation

32) Mr. Parshottam Rathal (9812013042) of Rewari had placed an order for Rakhi and sweets to be delivered to USA. The order was neither delivered nor the money refunded. The consumer received full refund with compensation of Rs. 1000 on 13-1-2007 from the company, on ICRPC’s request.


Compact International: Refunds amount against defective Nokia handset

33) Mr. Advait Anaspure (25861927) of Mumbai had bought Nokia handset model 8125 for Rs. 19,194 and octroi Rs. 966. The handset was defective and the company was not responding. ICRPC took up the matter with higher authorities and the consumer received full refund on 13-1-2007.  


Premium Panchal Chairs and Furniture: Delivers wardrobe

34) Mr. Raja Bandyopadhyay ( 9324569326) placed an order for wardrobe, which was not delivered as scheduled. ICRPC sent a notice to the shop, and the consumer received the wardrobe the next day on 14-1-2007.


TATA AIG Insurance – Refunds full amount 

35) Mr. Chetan V. Hansrajani of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820332313)  paid Rs. 2927 as premium for Maharaksha Plan for mediclaim policy. The company neither delivered the policy nor refunded the money. The consumer received full refund on 16-1-2007 from the company, on ICRPC’s request.


Oceanic Builders, Andheri (West): Lost case in consumer court

36) Mr. Rajesh Sukhatankar (25861927) of Mumbai had bought a flat in a building constructed by Mr. Amir Alo Tharani of Oceanic Builders. The builder gave the flat to another person. ICRPC sent a notice to the builder. Receiving no response, ICRPC helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court. The court ordered the builder to deliver peaceful possession of the flat with compensation of Rs. 20,000.


Highland Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds money

37) Mrs. & Mr. Vishwajitsinh H Gohil of Bangalore (9900120023) of Mumbai had applied for membership of Highland Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd. and paid Rs. 33,000 through credit card with an assurance from there will be rental facility enabling the consumers to get Rs. 1500 per day on holidays rented. This turned out to be a fake promise. ICRPC sent a notice to the company and asked for immediate settlement. The consumers received full amount on 9-2-2007.


ICICI Prulife: Issues insurance policy

38) Ms. Savitha Nayak had bought insurance policy from ICICI Prulife. The company did not gie the polivcy despite taking all the payments. The company did not respond to the consumers letters and e-mails. ICRPC wrote to the company head and the consumer got the policy on 25-2-2007.


Macmillan India Limited – Exchanged the books 

39) Mr. Angshuman Haldar (09836096648) had ordered for some books. The company delivered different books than what were orderd and was not responding to consumer’s complaint.On ICRPC’s request the company exchanged the books.


HDFC Bank – Refunds full amount

40) Mr. Mohit Soral of Dubai (Tel. No. 0097143593716) got approval number 523002929 for loan of Rs. 9,15,000 for a property costing Rs. 1,00,000=00 at Jaipur. The consumer paid Rs. 1,50,000 to the builder s booking and cash premium of Rs. 4,85,000.  Processing fee of Rs. 6050 was also debited from the consumer’s NRE account.  On 19-1-07, HDFC informed the consumer’s mother in Jaipur that the loan will not be given.  The consumer lost Rs. 1,50,000 paid advance to builder, 4,85,000 paid as cash premium, and 6,050 processing fee. ICRPC sent a notice to the HDFC Chairman and the consumer received refund of the processing fee.


Adept Technology Pvt Ltd: Refunds course fee

41) Mr. V R Kannan joined ETIL course with Adept Technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai. As the classes did not start as scheduled the consumer asked for refund. The institute was not ready to give full refund. ICRPC sent a notice to the institute and the consumer received full refund on 2-4-2007.


Golden Gate Properties Ltd: Refunds Provident Fund principal amount

42) Mrs. Archana Naik and Mr. Ravindra Naik of Bangalore (9845902146) complained to ICRPC that the parking area belonging to them through registered agreement, has been sold to someone else and the builder was not responding to their complaints. ICRPC wrote stern letter of taking severe action, and the builder immediately gave the peaceful possession of the parking to the consumer on 12-4-2007. 


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 6708

43) Mr. Amit Jain was sold a defective handset, which was not being replaced by NOKIA. The consumer received a new handset against his defective handset from Green Park Center, New Delhi on 17-4-2007.


ICICI Bank – Refunds full amount with interest

44) Mrs. Ruchira Tripathi of Mumbai (9892024706) applied for opening a joint savings account on 7-2-2007 in ICICI Backbay Reclamation Branch, Churchgate.and deposited Rs. 52,000=00. The bank did not activate the account for many months, did not refund the money back, and did not even respond to consumers letters. When ICRPC served a notice upon the Chairman of ICICI Bank, Ms Anuradha Sharma of ICICI Bank and two colleagues personally visited the consumer on 16-4-2007 and paid refund of Rs 5200 to the consumer along with compensation of Rs 1050 as token compensation for the incidental expenses and FDR interest @ 4.5% for 69 days.

Shell Gas (LPG) India Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds against defective cylinder

45) Mr. Srinivas from Mumbai (Tel. No. 24946680 / 9322842831) The consumer booked for refill on 7-9-2005 at Pure Gas Shop No. 81 at Shivam Complex, Sector 19, Vashi. The cylinder was delivered with a defective washer due to which there was substantial leakage of gas. The company was not ready to replace the cylinder as most of its contents had emptied. ICRPC issued a notice to te company and te company refunded the full amount with compensation for mental agony.


UCO Bank Limited: Refunds FD maturity amount

46) Miss. Nisha Mangal of New Delhi requested the bank for premature payment of her Fixed Deposit on 28.03.2007, but the bank did not credit her account with the reason that no records were available in the bank’s new systems, and they have no time to see through their old system.  When ICRPC wrote a stern letter the bank credited the complainant’s savings account with the proceeds of the FDR on 19-4-2007.


Cognizant Technologies: Transfers PF as required

47) Mr. Anil Khalsa joined Wipro Technologies, Bangalore and wanted his PF to be transferred to his present company from his old employer, the Cognizent Technology.The old employer was not responding till ICRPV wrote to them and immediately the PF was transferred on 25-4-2007.


Lufthansa German Airlines – Refunds due miles

48) Mr. Jatin Madan of New Delhi (9971463473) had accumulated 90,000 miles onLufthansa German Airlines and was qualified for 3 tickets to Dubai. When he applied for cancellation of these tickets, he received only 30,000 miles while the rest of the 60,000 miles were pocketed by the airlines. ICRPC sent a legal notice to Lufthansa German Airlines and the grievance got settled on 6-5-2007.


ABN Amro Bank  Refunds late fee charges

49) Mr. Suresh Chaudhary of Faridabad (9871988884) has account in ABN Amro Bank (India). The bank did not send account statement for month of October 2006 for the consumer’s credit card no. 5415 3823 2102 9936. The bank’s staff had collected Rs. 1000 on 11-11-2006 and Rs. 335 in Feb 2007. The bank sent GOONDAS to threatened the consumer and manhandle his wife. ICRPC sent a stern legal notice to the Chairman of ABN Amro Bank (India) questioning him about his goondagiri and rapist attitude. On 7-5-2007 the bank waived off the late fee charges and the consumer was given proper statement of accounts which he duly paid and the matter was settled.


Airtel – Bharati Cellular Limited: Reactivates connection

50) Mr. Sandeep Bhandari (9928280000) of Jaipur had Airtel number that was barred on 29-4-2007 without any reason. Even after  250 hours his connection was not started when he contacted ICRPC. The connection was activated on 11-5-2007 soon after ICRPC sent a letter to the company.

MakeMy Trip India Pvt. Ltd.: Refunds excess amount

51) Mr. Srikanth Turlapati of Bangalore (9980540057) had booked air ticket through MakeMy Trip India Pvt. Ltd. for Rs. 4,700=00 but the company deducted Rs. 5,500=00 from the credit card account of the consumer and was not responding. ICRPC sent a notice to the company and the excess amount was immediately refunded to the consumer on 20-5-2007.

Carrier Aircon Ltd.: Delivers the missing remote control

52) Mr. Manoj Kumar Tudu of Howrah (033-26541412) had bought an air conditioner. There was no remote control in the box. The dealer and the company were not providing him the remote hence the unit was useless. ICRPC sent a legal notice to the company and the dealer Capital Electronics sent a remote  to the consumer on 2-6-2007.


BSNL: Shifts the telephone after 7 months

53) Mr.Venkata Krishna Prasad of Bangalore (9980160245) applied for shifting the broadband services locally at Kundanahalli on 4-12-2006 but the company did not do the needful. The consumer contacted ICRPC for help after six months of waiting. The connection was transferred on 4-6-2007, within a day of sending notice by ICRPC.


Reliance Infocomm Ltd.- Refunds full amount

54) Mr. Sudarshan Srinivas of Navi Mumbai (Tel. No. 32402429) bought a connection and Nokia cell phone from Reliance Infocomm Ltd. The cell phone was defective and the company shed off their responsibility of getting it repaired. Nokia service center told the consumer that the handset sold by Reliance was out of warranty (despite the warranty term was not over). The consumer got frustrated making rounds of these two companies and complained to ICRPC. When ICRPC sent a stern letter to Chairman of Reliance Infocomm Ltd.; the handset was immediately repaired and all interim charges were also waived off.


TATA-AIG Insurance  Refunds late fee charges

55) Mr. Mohan Raj V received accident policy no MRP 25000009734 instead of mediclaim policy. When he discovered that the policy given is wrong, he asked TAYA-AIG to cancel the same and refund his amount. The company was not responding for seven months till the consumer complained to ICRPC. The defective policy was cancelled and money was refunded to the consumer on  15-5-2007.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model N-3250

56) Mr. Deven Ture (9819466167) was sold a defective handset, which was not being replaced by NOKIA. The handset was repaired by HCL center and still had same problems. The consumer was even asked to buy a new battery for the new set. On intervention of ICRPC, new handset was given to the consumer on 26-5-2007.  


Media Assist India Insurance  Pays the balance mediclaim

57) Md. Shahid Ansari of Bangalore (9901166331) filed mediclaim no. 1039383 for Rs. 22,793=00 but the company did some blunder and was avoiding to pay in full to the consumer. Rs.13,293 had been settled under Claim Number 1039383 but balance amount was not given. In response to ICRPC notice to the company, a new new claim No.1128724 was generated, and the balance amount Rs.6,707/– is was paid to the consumer on 5-7-2007.


TATA-AIG Insurance  Refunds amount

58) Mr. Deepak R Deshpande of Bangalore (9886533378) had subscribed to health insurance policy for three members of his family on 26-7-2006 for Rs. 4446 but he received only one policy for himself. The company failed to send the other two policies.The company was not responding, hence, the consumer complained to ICRPC. Full amount was refunded to the consumer on  5-7-2007 in response to ICRPC notice.


HP Limited: Delivers the FREE TV tuner card

59) Mr. Indrajit Bh agat (9898333570) purchased a HP Laptop Model No: DV2122tu having offer of free TV tuner card. As required in the offer, the consumer sent a DD of Rs. 500 to HP Redemption Cell, but the company did not send the TV tuner card. On intervention of ICRPC, the TV tuner card was dispatched on 25-7-2007 through Blue Dart courier consignment no. 11649085383.  


Rediff Shopping: Redelivers flowers

60) Mr. Abhishek Agrawal (9900829000) of Bangalore placed order no 4008042 with rightflorist.com through Rediff Shopping for delivery of roses and a teddy bear. But some other flowers without fragrance were delivered. ICRPC sent a mail to the company and fresh flowers were re-delivered. 


NOKIA Limited: Repairs and delivers handset

61) Mr. Ashish Yadav (9999119678) gave his one month old NOKIA handset for repairs, but the company kept on delaying the date of delivery of repaired handset. In response to e-mail by ICRPC, a new handset was delivered on 14-8-2007.


Building Contractor: Refunds full amount with fear of arrest

62) Ms. Fiona (fionad9@gmail.com) received order from Consumer Court, Thane against the building Contractor to complete the unfinished work in her flat at Brindavan Society, Thane within 1.5 months from the date of passing the order, and on failing to do so, he should pay the consumer the sum of Rs. 55,000. The first arrest warrant was sent to the police station on 4-6- 2007, when police did not do anything, second arrest warrant was issued but not sent by the Registrar and his assistants from Thane Consumer Forum. When the assistant was asked on 20-7-07 (date of hearing), she had no reply for the same. Also the judge tried to cover the matter saying that staff was not sufficient and made another arrest warrant to be sent. When the Registrar was asked why they had not sent, he gave some lame excuses to consumer. When the consumer showed her helplessness to ICRPC, and complained the corrupt practices in Thane Consumer Court, ICRPC spoke to higher authorities, and on 24-7-2007 ICRPC informed the consumer of further steps to take. the consumer received Rs. 55,000 on 14-8-2007. 


AIRTEL (Bharti Cellular Limited): Pays Rs. 5000 + free flight tickets

63) Mr. Niren Thomas of Bangalore (080-25470209) nirenthomas1979@yahoo.co.indeposited Rs. 300 as security deposit, and paid Rs. 100 or the SIM card on 1-1-2006 as per terms under Free Flight Offer of Airtel.  The company purposely did not give the application form for free flight offer to the complainant in order to avoid giving the free offer. The consumer filed a complaint with ICRPC who immediately sent a notice to the company. The company did not respond to the notice, therefore ICRPC further helped the consumer to file a case in the consumer court. On 7-9-2007 the consumer received an order from Consumer Court against Airtel asking them to pay Rs. 5000 + refund of security deposit + delivering free flight tickets.


Consumer wins case (Dec 2008)

64) Mr. Krishnaprasad Menon (Tel. No. 9869007516) won a case against Padmavati Electricals, Dombivli, Mumbai against defective inverter.


Barclays Bank: refunds amount

65) Mr. Rajendra Parab (Cell: 9004350558) got his Rs. 1370 refunded on 19-1-2009 as soon as Barclays bank received the notice from ICRPC


Barclays Bank: refunds BPC membership fee

66) Mr. Sunil Gadgil (Cell: 9371773873) got his Rs. 5000 refunded on 21-11-2008 as soon as Barclays bank received the notice from ICRPC against their illegal deduction of Barclay Priority Circle Membership fee of Rs. 5000 which was forced upon the consumer.


Oak n Oak: repairs sofa set

67) Mr. Henry Jones D. of Bangalore (Tel. No. 9448091613) whose sofa set was denied repairs by the company despite being under warranty, was immediately repaired by Oak n Oak of Bangalore on 4-1-2009 upon receiving notice from ICRPC.


Air Deccan – Refunds amount

68) The airlines was not refunding his money after cancellation of tickets. Mr. Sandeep Sheth of Coimbatore (Tel. No. 641025) received full refund of Rs. 2,849 on 2-1-2009 from the company after we issued a notice to the company on 2-1-2009. 

Indian Airlines – Refunds amount

69) Ms. Monalisa Mukherji of Mumbai (Cell: 9821582444) received back her Rs. 

Rs.5225 on 15-12-2008 from Indian Airlines when ICRPC served notice to the airlines for not booking the tickets for the scheduled time as asked by the consumer. 

Axis Bank – Refunds amount

70) Mr. Sanghvi’s (mohsin_shq@rediffmail.com) account was debited illegal interest and the service tax on his axis bank credit card for Rs.1,291.68/-. On ICRPC request the same was refunded back in December 2008.


HTC mobile phone – Repaired handset

71) Mr. Hitesh Kumar of bangalore (Cell:9886785284) gave his cellphone for servicing to HTC on 5-11-2008. There was delay. When ICRPC wrote to HTC, they immediately brought in the required part, repaired the handset and delivered to consumer.

 BSNL: Connects the dead phone8) Mr. Sanjeev Raj Goyal of Mohali (0172-5090801)complaint to ICRPC regarding disconnection of his phone number 1725090801. The service was restarted on 1-12-2008 when ICRPC wrote to BSNL.

First Flight Courier: Delivers the lost consignment

72) Consignment no: LB 0413716 dt. 05-11-2008 in the name of  Satyajit Deb was booked from Mumbai for Shillong by Mr. H. Bhowmik of Mumbai (hiranmoy_bhowmik@rediffmail.com), but it was lost and remained undelivered. Upon ICRPC’s intervention the same was delivered on 26-11-2008.


India Plaza Shopping – Refunds amount

73) Ms.Vandana. R’s ordered for ” Sony Handycam DCR DVD 710E” vide order no 050820080381dated 5 Aug 2008 on website www.indiaplaza.in by paying
Rs.16530.00. When the unit was not delivered, ICRPC ordered the company for refund. The amount was credited back to Ms.Vandana’s credit card account on 5-9-2008 along with Indiaplaza gift certificate for Rs.500 as compensation.


BPL Telephone – Corrects the wrong plan

74) Mr. Ketan Shetty of Mumbai (Cell: 9821431552) complained that BPL has not shifted his account from corporate account to the individual plan despite submitting his documents three times and complaining many times. On receiving notice from ICRPC the BPL company immediately did the needful on 20-11-2008. 


NEXT Retail Shop  Replaces Sony LCD TV

75) Mr.Saravana Kumar of Mumbai (Cell: 9819367951) complained against NEXT Retail India and Sony India for giving him a defective Sony LCD TV on 6-4-2008. Replacement was done on 25-9-2008 on intervention of ICRPC.


Digetech Computers  Replaces defective parts

76) Mr. Ashutosh Pathak of Kanpur (Cell: 9415540881) bought a computer from Digitech Computers, Kanpur on 22-8-2007, The company replaced the defective Motherboard, CPU and RAM under warranty, on receiving ICRPC notice.


Sony Ericsson Mobile: Replaces refrigerator

77)  Ms. Salini Patnaik of Thane (Cell: 9820160496) bought Sony Ericsson handset W 580i on 30-10-2007 from Mango Stationary Pvt. Ltd. which was defective. The company was not replacing the defective handset. ICRPC served a notice, and the company delivered a new handset with all accessories on 14-9-2008.


NOKIA Limited: Repairs handset model 6300

78) Mr. Amit Jain of Pune (Tel. No. 09921971982) received a new motherboard for his handset Nokia 6300 on 12-9-2008 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


British Airways: Compensates for baggage loss

79) Mr. Vinod Chandran of Bangalore (Tel. No. 9980084663) travelled from Bangalore to Florida by flight BA118 and BA0209 dated 14-6-2008. His two bags that were missing and delivered to him on 17 and 19 June 2008. The consumer spent Rs. 26,000 towards buying the necessities that were a requisite for attending the tennis coaching in the USA. The consumer received received full refund of Rs. 26,000 on 1-9-2008 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


Godrej: Replaces defective washing machine

80) Mr. C M Sobhanan of Kerala (Cell: 09447138439) purchased your washing machine on 24-8-2006 from Quilon Radio Service, Kochi. There was defect in machine that could not be repaired due to unavailability of spares. The company was neither replacing the defective machine or repairing the same.  ICRPC served a notice, and the company delivered a new model of the washing machine on 28-8-2008.


Anand Cutpiece Centre, Chembur, Mumbai: Refunds money

81) Mr. Rajesh K Shetty of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9819655239) bought two umbrellas from your shop for Rs. 288 that were found defective. The shop refused to exchange the defective umberallas. On receiving ICRPC notice the shop not only refunded thae amount of Rs. 288, but also paid compensation of Rs. 500 on 23-8-2008.


Cebu Pacific Airlines Refunds amount

82) Mr. Niren Thomas (080-25470209) of Bangalore cancelled his ticket no W314M1, but the airlines was not refunding the amount. ICRPC sent a notice dated 24-3-2009 and the consumer received a refund of SGD $ 349.88 to his credit card account.


Primary Information Services

83) The company sold an information CD that did not have latest information as boasted by them. When a notice was sent to them by ICRPC, the company refunded the amount of Rs. 21,500 to the consumer Shree Agronomic Projects Pvt. Ltd. of Kolkata (Tel. No. 40086488).

ABN AMRO: cancels card removes name from CIBIL

84) Mr. Virendra Bhanot was assured of removal of his name from the CICIL list and cancellation of his credit card when ICRPC issued a notice to the ABN AMRO bank against the harassment it did to him.


Arena Multimedia: Refunds amount

85) Mr. Dharamraj Yadav of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9867986754) received full refund of fee fromArena Multimedia after we issued a notice to the institute on 25-3-2009 for its failure to conduct classes properly and not fulfilling the promises.


C Bhogilal West End: Refunds amount

86) Mr. Ramesha Sesha of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820629939) received full refund of Rs. 12,500 against our notice dated 25-3-2009 to the company- C Bhogilal West End, Vile Parle for supplying a defective Zero-B water purifier.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 7210

87) Mr. V J Antony Joshuva of Chennai (Tel. No. 09790994090) has received a new handset Nokia 7210 Super Nova against his defective handset on 20-3-2009 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  



88) ICRPC received hundreds of complaints from consumers across India, maximum from Bangalore against cheating activities of Country Club. This company used to show big dreams and used to collect lakhs of rupees from consumers. It used to promise free air tickets, fre holiday, free plots, free memberships in spa, etc. But everything was fake. This company was enjoying credit card sweeping facility from various banks to cheat the consumers. On 21-1-2009, ICRPC wrote to the CEO, ICICI Bank with the list of people CCIL has cheated. ICICI bank immediately withdrew the credit card sweeping authorisation facility and confirmed to ICRPC vide their letter no. CSQG/6787/2008-09 dated 26-3-2009 that EDC machine has been removed from The Country Club of India Ltd., Bangalore.



89) Mr. Prashanth Kumar Bekal of Bangalore (Cell: 9448287382) won his case against Counrtry Club of India Ltd., Bangalore in the District Consumer Court in Bangalore. The court has ordered vide order dated 25-3-2009, that Mr. Rajeev Reddy, CEO of CCIL, should refund Rs. 1,25,000 with interest @18% pa from date of payment, Rs. 10,000 as compensation to Mr. Bekal. ICRPC had prepared the case and guided Mr. Bekal to fight his case against this cheater.


Videocon International Ltd: Defective washing machine

90) Mr. Sanjay Sharma of Mumbai (Tel: 25704757) was supplied defective washing machine model FA-71by Videocon on11-11-2005. The machine developed faults three times in one year, and many of its components failed. The company was not ready to replace the machine. Every time when there was a complaint, the company insisted on repairs. The consumer finally contacted ICRPC for help. Strong action of ICRPC against the higher authorities in manufacturing unit of Videocon got immediate replacement of the old machine with brand new unit for the consumer on 29-12-2005.


Finance Company: Chairman arrested for duping investors

91) Traced the absconding Chairman, Mr. Rajesh Jaiswal of Srushti Group of Companies. Our NGO assisted the Mumbai Police for his arrest at Lucknow. This person was absconding since 5 years after committing financial fraud. The properties of the Srushti group are being attached through the court. The investors will get their money from the sale proceeds of these properties.


APTEC Computer Institute: Refund of fee

92) Full course fee refunded to Parminder (Tel. No. 0130-2241642/2242651) from APTECH against consumer complaint for their low grade educational services. The case was filed at Sonipath (Haryana) but was withdrawn due to out of court settlement through our notice.


Godrej Pacific – Hewlett Packard: Refund and compensation

93) Self employed computer user at Sagar (MP), Mr. Mukesh Malaiya (Tel.No. 07582-23496) wins battle against Goderej Pacific (agents in India for Hewlett Packard) and receives Rs. 15 lakh as out of court settlement.


Property Dealer: Non delivery of flat

94) Property buyer, Mrs. Anjali Chaudhari (Tel. No. 25364753) of Mumbai gets her money back from the estate agent at Gurgaon (Haryana) who was not delivering the flat to her even after full payment. We took action through the police and the matter was solved within two months.


MTNL – Thane: Refund of excess charges

95) Telephone user gets refund for excess money charged by MTNL Thane, and receives compensation for mental agony and harassment.


Chemist Shop: Refund against defective item

96) Miss Delia Antao of Nirmala Niketan receives full refund against our notice for a defective item sold by New Bombay Chemists, Mumbai. The item did not have manufacturer’s name and address printed on the packing.


LPG – Hindustan Petroleum: Connection sold fraudulently

97) LPG gas consumer receives a new gas connection from the Chairman, Hindustan Petroleum Ltd., Mumbai as a result of action taken against the dealer of HP who mischievously sold the complainant’s consumer number to someone else.


Ishwar Enterprises – Electronics showroom: Did not deliver gift

98) Refrigerator buyer receives compensation from Ishwar Enterprises, Thane when they did not supply the gift item with the Whirlpool refrigerator as promised through their advertisement.


Central Railway: Refund for late running of train

99) Train passenger gets full refund of the railway fare due to late running of train.  


Vijay Mukhi Classes: Refund of tution fee

100) Student of Vijay Mukhi classes, Anisha Mehta (Tel. No. 28076777) of Mumbai got full refund of the fees through our action when she was not satisfied by the standard of teaching by Mr. Vijay Mukhi and when Mr. Vijay Mukhi refused to refund her fees.


Vijay Sales – Home appliance showroom: replacement of fridge  

101) Quintin D’ Souza (Telephone No. 26556480) of Mumbai receives replacement of his defective LG 200 lts. refrigerator from Vijay Sales, Mumbai.


SHCIL – Depository: Refund of money

102) Sanjit Chatterjee (e-mail: sanjit/mro_-_tata_steel@mro.tatasteel.com) receives refund of his money against complaint regarding poorly functional stock direct account of Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd.


On-line Shop: Non delivery of goods

103) Akiko Masutani of Japan (e-mail: nyoro2akiko2@hotmail.com) receives her merchandise through our action against the e-commerce website that did not send her the goods even after collecting full advance payment.


Godrej Refrigerator: Repair of fridge

104) Mrs. Sarita of Mumbai receives immediate attention towards long pending repairs regarding her Godrej frost free refrigerator. Action was taken immediately by Godrej against our notice to them.


MTNL – Thane: Frequent disconnections

105) Hundreds of telephones of MTNL frequently remained out of service for short periods in the month of March 2003. The issue was taken up with the MTNL and the problem was solved. Mr. S. N. Channi (SDE) (Telephone No. 25891000) from MTNL office at Thane visited Mr. Arun Saxena personally on 16-4-2003 to express his regrets.


United Insurance Company Ltd.: Medical claims

106) Anitha Bommanaveni of USA (e-mail: abommana@ford.com) complained to us regarding non-refund of medical insurance claim of her mother Mrs. Kalavathi Puli (Tel. No. 0870 – 2431867) residing at Warangal, from United India Insurance Company Ltd., Chennai. The Manager Mr. Subir Bhattacharya vide letter dated 25-3-2003 agreed to settle the claim of the consumer immediately after the company received our notice. The complainant received Rs. 2.28 Lakhs on 16-6-03 as full and final settlement.

107) Mr. A. G. Godbole (Tel: 079-7461922) of Ahmedabad, complained to us about non-transfer of his post office fixed deposit from Bhilai (MP) to Ahmedabad. Through our intervention the deposits were immediately transferred to the concerned branch on 12-3-2003.


Dental College: Charging higher tution fee

108) Mr. Hitesh P. Kakadia (Tel: 0253-2519108), student of Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir’s Dental College and Hospital, Nashik, complained to us that he was being forced by the college principal to pay a fee of Rs. 2,31,000 while the prescribed fee was Rs. 86,000. Our notice to the principal had immediate effect and the correct fee was requested to be paid.


Kenya Star Tea: Refund of dealership

109) Mr. Prashant Desai (Tel. No. 0232-2236311) of Kolhapur invested with Kenya Star Tea to get agency for selling their tea. The company vanished, duping the investor. Mr. Prashant Desai complained to us, and within a year we located the owner of the Kenya Star Tea at Chennai. We informed the Chennai police. With the help of Chennai police, on 26-9-2003, the consumer got his full refund with interest thereon.  


Snow Chem Ltd. Fixed Deposit: Refund of maturity

110) V. Mirji of Thane received full refund of his matured fixed deposit amount after we issued a notice to Snow Chem. Ltd.


Sony Ericsson: Replacement of defective cell phone

111) Manish Kumar of Mumbai received a defective Sony Ericsson T-100 mobile phone handset. The dealer PUPA (customs notified shop) refused to replace the defective set. On our intervention, the dealer replaced the defective unit with new box packed unit.


Drycleaner: Discoloration of saree

112) Miss. Sunita Bhandari of Chennai gave her sarees for drycleaning after confirmation from the drycleaner that the sarees will not be harmed by drycleaning. Two sarees got faded and discoloured. The drycleaner did not compensate for the loss incurred to the consumer. We helped the consumer to file a Consumer Complaint with the District Forum at Chennai.


Standard Chartered Bank: Refund of excess charges

113) Standard Chartered Bank at Mumbai, deducted the EMI amount from the savings bank account of the consumer, Mr. Prabir Chetia, even after he submitted necessary papers for foreclosure of this loan account. Our notice to the bank resulted in refund of Rs. 3,000 to the consumer on 12-8-2003.


Unit Trust of India: Non receipt of dividend

114) Mrs. Varsha Pandey of Sagar (MP) did not receive her revalidated dividend from Unit Trust of India since February 1998. Repeated reminders did not fetch any results. When the consumer did not receive the cheque even after five years, she complained to us. The consumer received the amount within 30 days after we issued notice to UTI in August 2003.


ICICI Bank: Excess EMI refund 

115) A notice dated 6-8-2004 was sent to the ICICI Bank by ICRPC, seeking refund of excess EMI deducted by the bank from the consumer Mr. Arun Pratap chattopadhyay (Tel. No.: 080-51172852). The bank credited the amount of Rs. 21,474=00 and sent confirmation letter to the consumer on 17-8-2004.



Dentist: Faulty treatment

116) Mrs. Meena Sharma (Tel. No. 27703352) of Nerul, Navi Mumbai, complained to us about deficient services by her dentist Dr. R. K. Tuli. On receipt of our notice on 1-11-2003, the doctor accepted his deficient services, and agreed to redo the full treatment up to her satisfaction.


MTNL – Mumbai

117) V. Mirji of Thane (W) received full refund of security deposit from MTNL on 12-11-2003 after we issued a notice to MTNL who were delaying the matter and not responding to his letters.


Singer Sewing Machine: Replacement of defective unit

118) Mrs. C. Almeida (Tel. No. 25345957) of Thane (West) received a new Singer Sovereign sewing machine  on 18-11-2003 from the company within 15 days through our action. She approached us after she got fed up with frequent and continuous repairs for one year within warranty period.


Annamalai University: Degree not delivered

119) Ms. Madhu Midha Roy of New Delhi did not receive her B. Ed. degree certificate from Annamalai University for last 10 years, even after continuous calls to the registrar. We issued a notice and the consumer received her degree on 8-12-2003, within 10 days of our notice.


Reliance Infocomm: Sent bills to non-subscriber

31) Mr. Dhananjay Pole of Hyderabad (Tel. No. 040-23225090) started receiving bills from Reliance Infocomm even though he does not own their mobile phone. When his efforts to contact Reliance Infocomm to settle his grievance became futile, he contacted us. We received a written confirmation from Suyash Saraogi, Vice President, Reliance Infocomm that the said telephone number has been disconnected as precautionary measure and the grievance redressed.


State Express Transport Corporation Tamil Nadu Ltd.

32) State Express Transport Corporation Tamil Nadu Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking) sent their Senior Officer to a consumer’s house to apologize for causing inconvenience to him during the bus journey. This happened as soon as ICRPC sent a notice to the SETC seeking compensation for the inconveniences caused to the consumer.


State Express Transport Corporation Tamil Nadu Ltd.

33) Mr. S. Saravanan Ayyakutti (Tel: 0462-2552058) traveled from Tirunelveli to Chennai by State Express Transport Corporation Tamil Nadu Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking) on 25-11-2004. He asked the conductor to provide him the front seat as it was vacant, and because he had injury in his right leg he wanted to straighten his leg as per doctor’s advice. The conductor was rude and did not allow him to sit on the vacant front seat. The grieved consumer complained to ICRPC who issued a notice to the Chairman of SETC-TN. The Chairman immediately sent their Branch Manager to the consumer’s house to apologize for causing inconvenience to him during the bus journey. The officer also promise that there will be no inconvenience to him in future.


National Panasonic Microwave Oven: replacement of defective unit

34) Mrs. Roshni Vaid (Tel: 022-28310681) was delivered a defective National Panasonic microwave oven on 7-11-2002. The unit carried a warranty of 3 years. When the company could not repair the defect, it stopped responding to the consumer’s calls. The consumer complained to ICRPC and a notice was served to the company on 27-11-2004. The consumer received a replacement with new latest model of microwave oven within 20 days of sending notice to the company.


Hero Honda: Dis not deliver RC book

35) Mohan Automobiles, an authorised sub-dealer of Hero Honda at Mumbai, sold a motorcycle to Mr. Amit Nema and did not deliver the registration documents (RC book). A notice was issued by ICRPC to the dealer and the problem was solved. The dealer also apologized for the inconvenience caused to the consumer.


Playwin Lotto: Did not give amount to winner

36) Mr. Alok Mohanty complained to ICRPC that he won Playwin lotto and he did not receive the amount. ICRPC issued a notice and the money was immediately transferred to the consumer’s account.


Reebok Shoes: Refund of money

37) Mr. Balram Yadav (022-25700357) bought Reebok shoes from an outlet at Powai, Mumbai. The shoes worn-out within 2-3 months. ICRPC issued a notice to the dealer and a credit note of Rs. 4490 was given to the consumer to buy a new pair of shoes.


Citibank Indianoil Card: Wrong deduction

38) Mr. Satish Babu (080-26563489) applied for Indianoil credit card through Citibank’s web-site. When the bank called him for confirmation, the consumer instructed them not to issue this card. But the bank still issued the card and deducted Rs. 250 from the consumer’s account. On his complaint, ICRPC sent a notice to Citibank who immediately refunded his amount.


Cable Corporation of India Ltd.: Refund of matured fixed deposit

39) Mrs. Jalaja Menon of Navi Mumbai did not receive the maturity amount by Cable Corporation of India Ltd.even after surrendering the original FD certificates. ICRPC warned Cable Corporation of severe action. The FD maturity amount was released and was paid on 5-3-2004.


Rediff Online Shopping: Refund of money

40) When Rediff.com informed the consumer Ashish Mudgal that whatever he has ordered for is out of stock, the consumer asked for refund of money. The company did not refund the amount. ICRPC sent a notice to Rediff.com and the money was refunded.


Post Office: Fixed Deposit: ECS delay

41) The consumer had requested Thane Head Post Office on 5-6-2004 for ECS facility on post office fixed deposit (MIS). When nothing happened for 3 months ICRPC sent a notice to Post master General on 15-9-04 by fax. ECS account was opened the same day with the post office senior staff visiting the consumer’s home asking for apology.


Godrej Refrigerator: Delay in repairs 

42) S. C. Srivastava from Pune (Tel: 020-25815592) complained to ICRPC that under Smartcare Scheme, Godrej collected membership fee and then did not service their refrigerator and washing machine. The refrigerator and the washing machine were repaired on 15-2-05 after ICRPC served a notice to Godrej.


Citibank: Charges excess amount

43) Rahul Sharma (Tel: 9892594483) complained that Citibank received back not only full payment from him but also extra money over that. He was continuously being harassed by Citibank seeking more money. ICRPC sent a notice and Citibank confirmed vide their letter dated 3-2-05 that the matter has been settled.


The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.: Medical claims 

44) Mr. Balram Yadav (022-25700357) subscribed to the overseas mediclaim services of Oriental Insurance. He was hospitalized in Washington Hospital in the USA and filed his claims. The Oriental Insurance Company did not pay his claims. When they did not respond to his letters, he complained to ICRPC. ICRPC issued a strict notice to Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. The company settled the claims of the consumer by paying his bills.


UAE Exchange: Refunded non-delivered amount 

45) Mr. Hasim Shroff (Tel: 26317528) of Mumbai was to receive Rs. 43,000 from his relative based in Dubai through the services of UAE Exchange on 26-3-2005. But the UAE exchange delayed the delivery of money and finally on 20-4-2005 they told the consumer that he has already received this amount on 16-4-2005, which he never did. The consumer approached Mr. Mohammed Afzal of ICRPC and he issued a notice to the UAE Exchange. The company immediately paid the full amount to the consumer.


ICICI Bank: Debit card fee refund 

46) A notice dated 27-4-2005 was sent to the ICICI Bank by ICRPC, seeking refund of fee deducted by the bank for debit card, which is supposed to be free service. The bank reversed the yearly fee charges on 18-5-2005.


Centurian Bank: Debit card fee refund 

47) A notice was sent to the Centurian Bank by ICRPC, seeking refund of fee deducted by the bank for debit card of consumer, which is supposed to be free service. The bank reversed the charges in May 2005.


Air Deccan: Refund due to delay in flight 

48) The consumer, Mr Srikanth (Tel: 9242486662) booked for Bombay to Chennai by Air Deccan. His flight got delayed for more than 4 hrs. ICRPC sent a notice dated 8-7-2005 to Air deccan. Full amount was refunded to the consumer in July 2005.


HDFC Bank: Refund of excess charges

49) HDFC bank deducted charges for non-maintenance of bank account of Mr. Rahul Sharma (Cell: 9892594483) even when it was properly maintained. A notice was issued by ICRPC and the bank refunded the amount on 6-7-2005.


Rashmi Builders: Replacement of defective flats

50) When the building built by Rashmi Builders of Rashmi Housing (Mira Road) tilted, and the builder did not do anything to make things right, the residents complained to ICRPC. ICRPC took action against the builder and finally the builder has now started distributing flats and money to the residents as refund and replacement flats in nearby locality. Mira-Bhyander Municipality was questioned about the lapses when a test report was done that confirmed tilt due to bad foundation.


Godrej Foods

52) Ms. Nasreen of New Delhi (Tel. No. 9810493090) had purchased a sealed tetrapack of Tomato Puree of “Kissan” brand manufactured by Godrej in February 2005. Foreign material was found inside the packet that had contaminated the contents and caused illness to the consumer and her family. ICRPC issued a notice dated 8-7-2005 to Godrej, action on complaint was taken immediately.


ICICI Bank paints the consumer’s door

53) Mr. Sarwan Kumar Baldwa (Tel. No. 28740771) applied for a loan of  Rs.7,00,000 from ICICI Bank. But, the bank disbursed a loan of Rs. 6,72,896 instead of Rs. 7,00,000. ICICI collected 12 EMI cheques with calculations based on Rs. 7,00,000. 

ICICI Bank's hired goons (so called collection agents) with one Mr. Kiran jadhav visited the residence of Mr. Sarwan Kumar Baldwa (Tel. No. 28740771) at 10 PM on 23-7-2005 to collect some amount (which was never due), and scribbled nonsense with paint on his front door. He complained to ICRPC when non of the bank officers responded to his complaint. ICRPC came down heavily on the Chairman of ICICI and made them polish the main door of his residence which was spoiled by Mr. Kiran Jadhav a representative of ICICI.


Chirag Waterproofings and Coatings Ltd

54) Mr.Amin Quazi complained that waterproofing in his house done by Chirag Waterproofings and Coatings Ltd of CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614 was faulty, and was not being attended by them even when covered under warranty. ICRPC sent a notice to the company on 4-8-05 and the leakage problem was rectified on 26-8-05.



55) Ms. Persis Irani complained of some illegal deductions being made from her cellphone by Airtel. ICRPC wrote to Airtel. The service provider immediately credited Rs. 804 into her prepaid card 9892131325 balance on 1-9-05.


HDFC Bank – Credit Card

56) Mr. V. Ramchandran from Mumbai complained to ICRPC about unjustified charges being levied on his credit card, and the harassment done by the bank. When ICRPC wrote to the higher authorities of HDFC Bank, they waived the initial fee, late fee and other finance charges on 3-9-05


Idea Cellular Limited

57) Mr. B. G. Shetty (Cell: 9826584809) asked for extension of validity of his recharge as the services were not provided for many days by service provider, he was not heard. ICRPC wrote to the higher authorities and his recharge validity was extended by the company on 9-9-05 considering the number of days the service was unavailable to him.


Standard Chartered Bank – Credit card

58) Mr. Kunal Pacheriwala (0422-5380407) subscribed to Executive Credit Card of Standard Chartered Bank who promised one night and one day free stay at the Taj hotel and a free medical check-up at a reputed hospital. After the card was delivered, non of the promises were fulfilled, therefore the consumer complained to ICRPC who sent a notice to the bank. The matter was sorted out on 21-9-2005.


Post Office – Fixed Deposit

59) Mrs. Manonamani (Tel. No.022- 25402476) held jointly (either or survivor) Fixed Deposit – MIS account no. 5537 at Head Post Office, Thane. Her husband expired in 1999. When she approached the Post Master for refund of her maturity amount, he refused to pay the money. Some clerks were expecting a bribe, and were harassing her. When Mrs. Manonmani complained to ICRPC, a notice was issued to the Post Master General. Full amount of Rs. 4,50,000 was paid to Mrs. Manonmani on 22-9-2005.


NOKIA India Private Limited

60) Ms. Gunjan Gupta (Tel. No. 033-22400202), had given her NOKIA handset model no. 6600 for repairs to the authorised nokia centre located at 37, Shakespeare Sarani

Kolkata 700017, on 5-7-2005 vide jobsheet no. 6100038097. The service centre collected the original certificate of insurance from the consumer and then never returned thehandset back to her. She made many rounds to the service center and contacted the higher authorities, but nothing happened. Finally she complained to ICRPC. ICRPC issued a legal notice to the Chairman of Nokia, and warned the service center in Kolkata of police action if new set was not provided to the consumer. A brand new box packed NOKIA 6600 was delivered to her at her residence on 24-9-05, on the same day within 12 hours.


Orange Mobile Services

61) Mrs. Preeti (Cell 9819640827) paid Rs. 400 to receive the benefit offer of Rs. 50 paise per minute usage on prepaid as advertised by the company in media and website. Nowhere the Orange company mentioned that the offer will be activated anytime within 48 hours. Therefore, without having information regarding this, the consumer used her cell phone immediately after refill with Rs. 400, and found that the charges deducted were at the rate of Rs. 1.99 per minute. Hence, she complained to ICRPC. ICRPC sent a notice to the Chairman of Orange, and on the same day i.e. 30-9-2005, the amount was refunded to the consumer and the company updated their website indicating that the facility of ).50 paise per minute will take 48 hours to come into force.


Whirlpool – Refrigerator

62) Mr. D. B. Bagul (Tel: 9821432598) had complaint to the Whirlpool Company on 29-7-2005, regarding the defect in cooling (Complain No. 41573). The company’s engineer visited on 20-8-2005 and took away a PCB from the machine. When nothing happened the consumer complained to ICRPC on 27-9-2005. Through the notice dated 30-9-2005 of ICRPC, the refrigerator was repaired the next day, on 1-10-2005.


ICICI Bank-Credit card

63) Mr. Rajeev Mahay of New Delhi (Tel. No.: 9811928556) used his ICICI bank card in a restaurant. The statement for period 22-8-04 and 21-9-04 indicated a wrong entry for Rs. 575 in the name of “Mark Agro Housing Finance” instead of the restaurant’s name. The consumer pointed out this mistake on 23-9-04. On 30-10-04 the bank informed the consumer that the entry has been corrected. But when the consumer asked for the payment slip, the bank was unable to hand over the same to him. Sensing some fowl play the consumer cancelled his card in January 2005. On his complaint, ICRPC wrote to the bank, and the wrongly charged amount was refunded to him on 5-10-05.


ICICI bank- lost cheque from ATM collection box

64) Mr. Vivek Srivastava of Navi Mumbai (Tel. No.:9323704286) complained that ICICI lost his cheque deposited in the collection box, but levied late payment charges to his credit card account. ICRPC wrote to the higher authorities and the bank reversed the charges levied.


Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT) 

65) Mr.Deepak Vasant Dalvi of Mumbai (Tel. No. 022-28268960) and  Mr. Kathiresh R. Nadar of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9892853819) complained to ICRPC that Indian Institute of hardware Technology (IIHT) Limited collected Rs. 28,916=00 for G-NET Pro computer course. The institute was not holding regular classes, and this six-month course that started in May 2004 did not finish even 50% till May 2005. ICRPC asked the institute to refund the consumer’s money with interest and compensation for conducting Unfair Trade Practice. The institute through its letter dated 28-10-2005 to ICRPC, promised that the classes will now be held regularly and the course will be finished soon. They also promised that they will not give the students any scope to complain in future.


BPL-fixed deposit

66) Mr. Avnish K. Gupta from Mumbai (Tel. No. 022- 26862191) had invested Rs. 15,000=00 with BPL company for three years as fixed deposit. The amount matured on 14-4-2001. The company failed to pay the maturity amount to the consumer. He wrote many letters but nothing happened. ICRPC took action against the company and the matured amount was paid to the consumer by cheque no 36283 dated 28-10-2005 for Rs. 26,791=00


Umang Collection refunds full amount against defective Olympus camera

67) Mr. Pio R. Mendonca (Tel. No. 9820 606 785) bought an Olympus digital camera model C-170 from Umang Collection, A/12, Shanti Nagar, Sector 4, Mira Road (East), Dist Thane on 6-9-2005. The camera suffered from manufacturing defect, and hence Umang Collections asked the consumer to get it repaired from Laxmi Plaza. Laxmi Plaza took  8 to 10 days to inform that the repairing charges will be Rs. 2,200=00.    The consumer was not interested to get the camera repaired, therefore she asked for replacement with new piece or refund of her full amount. The shop Umang Collections did not agree to either replace or refund. Ating on the complaint by the consumer, ICRPC issued legal notice to the shop owner who immediately refunded the full amount to the consumer on 3-11-2005.


Sify Online Shopping

68) Mr. Amarjeet Singh of London (Cell: 00447888846711) bought few items through Sify online shopping. Few of the items were not dispatched to his New Delhi residence. He filed a complaint to ICRPC, who wrote to Sify. Their customer care department informed ICRPC vide their e-mail dated 9-11-2005 that the items will be dispatched on 10-11-2005.


Regal Hotel, Mahabaleshwar

69) Mr. Bharat Kelbaikar of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820520992) had paid full amount by cheque on 24-10-2005 for booking a room at Regal Hotel, Mahabaleshwar through their Mumbai agents Pradeep and Company of Matunga, Mumbai. The consumer cancelled his booking on 26-10-2005, but his amount was not refunded by the agent for the reason that according to the terms and condition printed overleaf the receipt that “deposits will be forfeited if reservation is cancelled”. When ICRPC wrote to them that their terms and conditions on the receipt also stated that “We do not accept cheques”, then why they broke their own rules by accepting the consumer’s cheque for booking the room. The consumer was then given a fresh booking for other date, and was allowed stay in the Hotel in the month of November 2005.


NOKIA Cell Phone-replacement of defective unit

70) Mrs. Ritu Marwah of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820157560) bought a brand new NOKIA handset model no. 6600 on 6-3-2005. The unit suffered from manufacturing defects, hence it was sent to the Nokia authorised service centre at Marol, Mumbai on 6-8-2005.The service centre was unable to repair the set and therefore washed their hands off by saying that the problem was due to water logging. This information was wrong, as the cell phone was never water logged. The company was neither repairing the set nor replacing it with new one, or refunding the money. The consuer complained to ICRPC and a notice dated 19-10-2005 was issued to Nokia, who replaced the defective unit with new box packed Nokia 6600 on 30-11-2005.


CITIBANK-Goondagiri through illegal collection agents

71) Mr. Ayyappan Shankaran of Mumbai (Tel. No. 56002601) had subscribed to the “Good Health Policy” for one year i.e. expiring on 28-2-2005, but Citibank continued to charge him for the same as was reflected in the bill of March 2005, even when he had not renewed the policy. The bank also charged the consumer for “Credit Shield Policy” for which he had never applied. The Citibank even went to the extent of sending “goondas” (some third class cheap recovery agency) to harass the consumer for payment for something which he had not even subscribed for. The consumer had brought this to your notice of higher authorities of the bank but they slept over this matter and continued to harass the consumer. Finally the consumer complained to ICRPC. ICRPC lashed on the Chairman of Citibank about his cheap “dadagiri” and threatened him with severe action if he did not stop his goondaism. Immediate action was taken and the consumer was informed by e-mail dated 6-12-2005 that the bank has reversed the excess charges.


Post Office- Delays removed, delivery van started

72) When ICRPC noticed that the post office at Kasarvadavali, Thane (West) was not functioning properly, the president Mr. Arun Saxena personally visited the office to know the state of affairs. The Post Office was in very bad shape. There was shortage of staff and no proper working place. There was a single postman to cover an area of 16 Sq. Kms. area having 16,000 families. There were delays in distributing telephone and electric bills. The post man had to wait for hours on highway to collect mail bags sent by head post office through state transport buses plying on this route. ICRPC issued a notice to the Post master General and also highlighted this issue in the newspapers. This resulted in plying post office van to bring letters, and the delivery was speeded up with appointment of additional staff.


SONY DVD Home Theatre: Dealer delivered old set instead of new

73) Mr. Mark John Gaitely of New Delhi (Tel: 011-52747125) purchased Sony DVD Home Theatre from the Sony’s authorised dealer New Berco Electronics, Shop No. G-5 & 7, Main Market, Dwarka, New Delhi. The dealer delivered used second hand set instead of new one. When the dealer and the company failed to replace the set the consumer contacted ICRPC. Action against Sony resulted in immediate replacement of the old set with a new piece on 11-12-2005.


UTI Bank: Misleading information on website

74) When Arun Saxena (Tel: 9819598004) visited the UTI website and saw their offer Fly Kingfisher by online refill of Orange pre paid, he participated by refilling his cellphone by Rs. 230. But when cellphone was not recharged for 2 days he enquired with Orange. They had not received the payment while the UTI website confirmed the payment transaction. On investigation it was found that the process of refilling through internet from UTI website generates a pin number. This PIN number is to be used to complete the procedure for refilling. But such a crucial information was not given on their website. Strong letter to their Chairman resulted in immediate disclosure of correct procedure on their website on concerned pages.


Internet Service Provider: False promises

75) Astha Ojha (Tel No.: 044-52036654) subscribed to broadband through Drishti Systems Pvt. Ltd, Kakaguda, Secundrabad. The service provider gave false promises that their services have 5 Hrs back-up and their connection will never be down by more than 4 hours. But their promises failed when the broadband connection had frequent long hours of disruption. ICRPC issued a notice to the service provider and he refunded the full amount on 4-12-2005.


Banjara Gas Agency: Delivered cylinder after 12 days with earlier bill date

76) Mr. Meyyappan of Hyderabad (Tel: 23815562) booked refill of gas cylinder with Banjara Gas Agencies, Yousugguda, Hyderabad on 19-9-2005 at 10 am vide booking number 5866. The gas cylinder was not supplied till 30-9-2005 (i.e. 12 days) despite the gas company’s claims that they deliver within 24 Hrs. The cylinder was delivered on on 1-10-2005 against bill bearing date 22-9-2005. When ICRPC took action against such a severe Unfair Trade Practice by the gas company, Banjara Gas Agencies owner immediately agreed to pay compensation to the consumer.


ICICI Bank: Did not credit the deposited cheque amount for 4 months

77) Dr. kamalavenkatesh of Aurangabad (Tel: 9822629964) deposited a cheque no. 907116 drawn on Canara Bank on 3-8-2005 to be credited to his account. When it did not get credited till 3-12-2005 (four months) despite repeated complaints to the bank, he approached ICRPC. Immediate action by ICRPC set things right within a week, and the amount was credited on 8-12-2005 by ICICI Bank.


Air Deccan: Flight went away before time

78) Mrs. R. Hema of Mumbai (Tel: 9820300577) booked for Chennai to Mumbai flight scheduled for 5:45 Hrs on 14-10-2005. The flight time was clearly printed as 5:45 Hrs. on their air ticket.  When Mrs. Hema reported at 5:10 Hrs. she saw the current status on the indicator as “Bording”. She missed the flight as it flew away before time. Air Deccan denied any refund as saying its not their policy to refund. Fed of running around for 2 months, Mrs. Hema contacted ICRPC, who took action against Air Deccan and full amount was refunded to Mrs. Hema on 10-12-2005, within a week of action.


Ferns and Petals: Refunded money

1) Dr Nitesh Shah of Mumbai (Tel: 8879339405) had paid for delivery of flowers to his friend but Ferns and Petals did not deliver and denied refund. After intervention of ICRPC, the refund was given.


Bag It Today: Refund

2) Goutam R. Karmokar (9769317636) ordered Vox 17 tablet. Defective unit was delivered. After intervetion of ICRPV the amount was refunded on 4-8-2015.

Adhiraj Constructions Pvt Ltd: Refund with compensation

3) Mr Vaibhav Sharma of Navi Mumbai (Cell: 9022133500) paid Rs 13,56,000 as advance to buy a flat from Adhiraj Constructions. The builder was neither delivering the flat nor refunding the amount. After ICRPC notice, the builder refunded Rs 13,56,000 with Rs 1,00,000 as compensation vide cheque no 0011275 dated 13-8-2015 drawn on Kotak Mahindra Bank.


Sushma Fine Dine Restaurants Pvt Ltd: Refund

4) Mr Mayur Palekar of Thane (Tel. No. 9987667402) had booked a hall for 18-7-2015 after paying Rs 25,000. Later the consumer found that the venue is closed and the booking was fake. Sushma Fine Dine Restaurants Pvt Ltd refunded the amount on 9-102015 when ICRPC sent a notice to them.


Cleartrip: Not honoured confirmed booking

5) Cleartrip had put the confirmed booking on hold for Mumbai – Jammu return trip ID 15091259218 for Mr Deeraj Dhar (Cell: 7738356478) and was not refunding the amount. The consumer received refund of Rs 4851 on 16-12-2015 after intervention by ICRPC.

YOU Broadband India Private Ltd.: Refund of excess charges

6) You Broadband was not shifting the connection to the consumer’s new address despite repeated reminders. The shifting was done immediately on 16-12-2015 after ICRPC intervention for the consumer Mr Shikhar Gupta (9096324434).

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services: Refund after 8 years

7) Mr Drobny Fernandes of Goa (Cell:7507189260) was cheated by Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services, Pune by promising immigration to Canada and charged Rs 95,600 + UDS 1200. The company neither could get him immigration nor refunded the amount. Running around and waiting since 2007 the consumer could not get refund from the company till ICRPC intervened and the consumer got his refund in 2015. The company cunningly enjoyed the benefits of the consumers money for 8 years and refunded the amount without interest. Even if it was kept in bank FD it would have been doubled, but the consumer did not prefer to fight further and accepted the amount without interest.


Dhandeep Enterprises refunds money

1) Mrs Usha Pillai from Thane (Cell: 8169969016) bought IFB machine that developed defect. Dhandeep Enterprises posed as authorised service centre and cheated the consumer by changing the motor for Rs 5,265 and then intending to change the water pump for Rs 6,000. Later when the real authorized engineer visited, he informed the consumer that the defect has nothing to do with pump or motor. ICRPC helped the consumer to get refund and compensation of Rs 17,140 on 2-12-2017. 


ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd settles claims

2) Mr Rakesh Joshi from Ambala  (Tel. No. 8955097464) complained that the insurance company accepted the premium to cover him against hospitalization but rejected his claims of rs 82,301 vide email dated 27-10-2017. ICRPC sent a notice dated 3-12-2017 and the insurance company settled the claim as confirmed by the consumer vide his email dated 15-12-2017.


Direct Admission, Bangalore refunds full amount

3) Mr Vivek Jaiswar from Mumbai (Tel. No. 7738808711) complained that Direct Admission located at Gandhinagar, Bangalore had collected Rs 25,000 under lure of getting him admitted to medical college and called him to Bangalore and tried to extract Rs 60 Lakhs under guise of getting him admitted to Oxford Medical College. The consumer was denied refund when he asked for the same. ICRPC wrote sternly to the Managing Director of Direct Admission and the full amount was refunded by them as confirmed by Direct Admission vide their email dated 12-1-2018. The consumer did not even bother to inform us that he has received the amount.


National Insurance Company pays claimed amount

4) Ashwani Prasad Chowdhry (Cell no 9804979622) complained that he has not received medical claims for his wife surgery. On mediation, National Insurance Company reimbursed the amount of Rs 37,345 as confirmed by them vide their email dated 17-1-2018.


United India Insurance Company refunds excess amount received

5) Mr Rajender Kumar (Cell 9000000620) complained that he had paid premium amount two times for the same policy to United India Insurance Company. On requesting the cmpany, the company immediately refunded the amount as conformed by the company vide their email dated 19-2-2018.


Dish TV learns to behave well with clients

6) Mr Pravin Tiwari (Cell no 7977775390) complained against the rude staff of Dish TV and that his problem was not being solved. On requesting the higher authorities the problem was solved as confirmed by the consumer vide his email dated 3-3-2018.


Narayana Group of Schools

7) Mr N T Sriraja from Chennai (Tel. No. 9962070097) had paid Rs 51,000 for admission to Narayana Group of Schools, Chennai. He complained that the principal Ms Gayathri ofNarayana Group of Schools had been very rude and unconcerned when he approached for refund of the amount as his child did not chose to study in this school. ICRPC wrote to the Managing Director of the school and the full amount was refunded to the consumer on 20-4-2018.


Sparkle Avenue CHS settles the issue

8) Mr Rahul P K Sharma from  Pune (Cell: 9049690564) had complained against Chairman, Sparkle Avenue CHS Ltd, Pune that society records are  not being updated including books of maintenance records, not doing private audit, forced registration of committee members, and threatening the members of the society. The society alsofailed to provide the required documents to the complainant when he asked for the same. They failed to maintain the cctv camera for the flat nos A18 and B3 and the complainant had to spend money from his pocket to install new cctv cameras. ICRPC helped the consumer to get his grievance settled as acknowledged by the complainant vide his email dated 27-4-2018.